Often overlooked but internal communications within a company are just as important as those with its clients and suppliers. It’s all very well producing great marketing which is targeted and on brand but if your staff don’t understand the vision they’re not in a position to effectively support the business.

BKM Marketing can start with an audit of your current materials and from there develop an effective strategy to make sure staff are on brand.

We can communicate your marketing strategy using many different channels; offering presentations, workshops and printed materials as required.

Internal communications often need a fresh set of eyes to look at the systems and materials that have developed piecemeal over time.

For your initial audit talk to us today, call 07740 708929 or email neil@bkm-marketing.co.uk.


  • Audits
  • Strategy development
  • Tactical implementation
  • Internal newsletters and email communications
  • Marketing strategy communications
  • Intranet development and support